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2019 Baby and Kids Portable-Foldable Sleep & Play Enclosure


As parents, sometimes we need a quick minute by ourselves, to use the restroom, take a shower or get dinner started. When baby starts to move though, a minute can be too much time. The portable-Foldable Sleep & Play Enclosure provides peace of mind for moments like these. You'll breathe a little easier knowing baby is content in and not exploring the family room without you there to supervise. The portable-Foldable Sleep & Play Enclosure is a proven workhorse and a perennial favorite baby product for parents and grandparents, alike. Not only does it look great in any room in the house, it's functional in the outdoors as well. ™

Product Specifications:

  • Age Range: 0-3 to 24 months
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Style: Baby Care
  • Material: Nylon Mesh
  • Size: 60cm *110cm*65cm


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